City living for the modern family.

Kin, first-of-its-kind housing, driven by community, powered by technology, and tailor-made to help families thrive in today’s cities.

Our philosophy

Kin is a partnership between Tishman Speyer and Common, founded on the belief that families live better when they’re part of a strong community.

The convenience of city living has more families than ever choosing urban environments over the suburbs. But while city life is convenient, it can also be isolating and expensive. Hectic schedules, lack of kid-friendly spaces, and the rising cost of childcare all make living in a city more difficult for families.

Forming relationships with other families not only fosters a richer social life but allows you to share in the joys and burdens of raising children. Members of a community can also better support each other, whether they’re recommending a great pediatrician or empathizing about the struggles of potty training.

This philosophy is at our core. At Kin, curated family programming and events will give you and your family the opportunity to meet your neighbors, while innovative technology makes sharing resources, like nannies and toys, easier than ever before. And Kin’s first-of-its-kind app puts these features at your fingertips—use the chat function to set up playdates or the childcare concierge to book a last minute babysitter for date night.

Living at Kin allows you and your family to spend time on the things that really matter—we’ll take care of the rest.

Live connected

With the Kin app, you can easily access all the benefits of being a member.
Events at Kin bring members together through building specific programming, like swimming lessons and cooking classes. Through the app, you can RSVP to these events, or create your own event to share with neighbors.
Our chat feature allows you to easily build relationships with your neighbors. Share helpful information with other parents, set up playdates, or invite new friends over for dinner.
Looking for a last-minute babysitter or a long-term nanny? Our childcare concierge can instantly assist you in finding the best person for your needs.
The benefits of being a Kin member don’t stop at home. You’ll also have access to exclusive discounts from popular local and national brands.


Residents at Jackson Park will have the ability to opt into the Kin platform, which includes Kin’s technology and a wide range of amenities. Kin members will also enjoy family programming, access to a community of families and discounts on local and national brands.


We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you.
What’s included in my Kin membership?
Kin members will have access to custom-designed shared spaces, family driven amenities, family programming, on-demand childcare, and state-of-the-art technology. At Jackson Park, residents will pay a monthly fee for access to the Kin community and its family-oriented services and programming.
Does Kin have plans to expand?
Yes! While Kin launched its innovative technology and community platform in Long Island City in September 2019, we will expand nationally in the coming years to create purpose-built Kin buildings.
What type of childcare will be available?
Kin members will be able to find a variety of childcare options through Kin’s app, including babysitters, long-term nannies, and nanny sharing.
Who can live in Kin?
Kin was designed with the modern, urban family in mind. Kin is open to all residents.

How do I move in?

Kin will launch at Jackson Park in September 2019, with locations opening across the country in the next year. Join our mailing list and be the first to know when Kin applications open or when Kin is coming to your city.

Thank you!

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